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Building an Unstoppable Workforce



As Congress pursues legislation and policies to drive federal workforce development, hear from Congressman Andrew Garbarino and Congressman Eric Swalwell, the Chairman and Ranking Member on the Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection. Congressman Garbarino and Congressman Swalwell will discuss initiatives to bolster the federal cybersecurity workforce, how Congress is handling its own workforce challenges, and how agencies can move from policy to practice as they aim to build tomorrow’s unstoppable workforce.

Chandler Morse [moderator]
Vice President of Public Policy
Congressman Andrew Garbarino
R-NY 2nd District
U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Eric Swalwell
CA 14th District
U.S. House of Representatives

How can the federal government build an unstoppable workforce? Gain insights on the national job market at a critical time for employers and employees with Workday’s Group General Manager, Office of the CHRO, Aashna Kircher. She will cover how HR leaders are building a skills-based operating model that attracts and develops a workforce that will power the next generation of government service.

Group GM, Office of the CHRO | Product

A skills-based hiring and retention strategy is critical to building an agile workforce. Recruiting is no longer about replacing headcount as quickly as possible; talent acquisition teams must hire talent that can fuel government transformation. In this session, government leaders will share best practices for skills-based hiring, creating dynamic teams based on data-driven skills assessments, and upskilling current employees for maximum performance and job satisfaction.

Lynn Martin
Lynn Martin [moderator]
Group Vice President, U.S. Federal
Christina Dance
Senior Program Manager, Human Resource Modernization
Defense Intelligence Agency
Seeyew Mo
Assistant National Cyber Director for Workforce, Education, and Awareness
Office of the National Cyber Director
Chief Technology Officer
Internal Revenue Service

How can government organizations ensure their most critical human capital and financial data are secure? This session will cover how to break the chains of your legacy systems, the importance of implementing a unified security model, and tips for migrating your agency’s pivotal data to the cloud with confidence while meeting federal cybersecurity mandates.

Matthew T. Cornelius
Matthew T. Cornelius [moderator]
Managing Director for Federal Industry
Gerald Caron
Chief Information Officer
Office of the Chief Information Officer, International Trade Administration
Faisal Iqbal
Head of Technology, Federal Partnerships and Programs
Amazon Web Services
Eric Mill
Eric Mill [pending approval]
Executive Director for Cloud Strategy
General Services Administration

AI technology can enhance how we build and empower our workforce to amplify human potential. This session will explore how government agencies are using responsible AI to make better hiring decisions, identify career development opportunities, improve day-to-day work by simplifying labor-intensive tasks, and strengthen employee engagement.

Josh Lannin [moderator]
Vice President of Productivity Technologies
Ryan Higgins
Acting Chief Information Officer and Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
Department of Commerce
Dr. Cyril "Mark" Taylor
Chief Technology Officer, Communications Systems
U.S. Special Operations Command
Denise Zheng
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer and Data and Artificial Intelligence Lead
Accenture Federal Services

Successful human capital management leaders must collect and understand granular and timely data across the organization to make effective decisions. But even basic questions can be hard to answer when organizations are plagued with disparate legacy systems and numerous manual processes. This session will cover how Workday helps customers simplify the process of unifying key operational and people data so it can provide the most value – across senior leaders, mid-level managers, human capital officers, and employees themselves.

Lionel Liniger [moderator]
Senior Vice President, U.S. Large Enterprise and Industries
John Doel
Digital Human Resources and Workforce Transformation Partner
Dr. Elizabeth Kolmstetter
Chief People Officer
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Love Rutledge
Chief of Staff
Office of the Chief Talent Management Officer, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
Department of Defense

As the agency charged with leading the federal government’s workforce policies, programs, and benefits, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has never been more essential to our nation’s success. Hear from Catherine Manfre, Chief Transformation Officer at OPM, as she discusses OPM’s initiatives to recruit, attract, and retain top talent across the federal government. Ms. Manfre will also highlight numerous OPM initiatives to position the federal government as a model employer, including implementing a skills-based approach to talent, as it builds a federal workforce for the 21st century.

Patrick Blair [moderator]
President of Global Sales
Catherine Manfre
Chief Transformation Officer
Office of Personnel Management

The President’s Management Agenda notes: “As our government faces complex challenges, the need for federal leaders, managers, and frontline staff with the right skills in the right jobs has never been greater.” Fortunately, our veterans possess a wealth of skills – from leadership and collaborative teamwork to the ability to solve tough problems and act with grace under pressure – all of which can help advance the government mission. In this session, we’ll cover the challenges veterans face in transitioning from military to civilian careers and how federal agencies can leverage a skills-based approach to hiring and cultivating talent among the veteran community.

Chris Kim
Chris Kim [moderator]
Senior Director, Product Strategy for Talent Optimization and Skills
USMC Veteran and Workday Alliance Manager
Deloitte Consulting
James Rodriguez
Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training Service
Department of Labor

GSA has long been a trailblazer in recruiting, attracting, and engaging top-tier talent to drive its multifaceted mission. In this closing keynote address, Administrator Carnahan will share her perspective on how to tap into diverse talent pools through skills-based hiring, foster and motivate high-performance teams, and harness technology advancements like AI to empower the workforce of tomorrow.

General Services Administration
Vice President of Public Policy

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